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These are FAQs and basic brand questions. Updated frequently to include new answers and advice, this is the starting place for the most common information requested.


Why a new brand mark? Why now?

Two reasons:

  • Towson University isn’t the same institution that it was when our name first changed in 1997. The new brand mark is a better creative expression of TU’s contemporary story. Straightforward but distinctive. Bold but approachable. Solid, flexible, open.
  • It’s hard to say that 1997 was “another era,” but in terms of communications, it really was. The previous logo did not work well in many of the digital mediums we now take for granted — web, graphic email, social media, smartphones, etc.

Who designed it?

Our campus community helped launch this brand work. More than 2,000 conversations with our students, faculty, staff, alumni and others around TU were the foundation of the design. Initial explorations were conducted and tested by Lipman-Hearne, a higher education marketing firm from Chicago that helped the university develop its new brand platform. Work continued with TU’s in-house design team, and the final version of the mark was designed by TU’s marketing partner Mission Media of Baltimore.

What do you mean by ‘Brand Platform’?

A brand is more than a logo. The brand platform is a distillation of the university’s core attributes, values and voice that helps guide all creative expression and storytelling across divisions and colleges in a way that consistently and authentically resonates with all audiences. It’s not just about what we say, but how we say it.

How long will implementation of the new brand last?

The rollout of the new brand identity will last through the end of 2019. The new identity was first unveiled at President Schatzel’s Fall 2018 Address.

How much does the university expect to spend replacing materials that have the previous mark on them?

We will encourage people not to replace materials immediately, but use up whatever stock they have before the end of 2019. We also will encourage recycling and donating supplies, goods, and materials wherever possible.

What about campus signage?

A refresh of the university’s wayfinding (exterior signage) is underway and was purposely timed to align with the development of the new visual identity and brand mark. New wayfinding and campus signs will be replaced and installed over the coming year as part of the overall wayfinding project.

What does this mean for the Tiger logo(s)? Are those being changed, too?

There are no plans to update or change the Tiger head Athletics brand marks.

Many schools use their Athletics logo for the university. Why didn’t TU make the Tiger its sole logo?

While the Tiger logo is popular, research demonstrated that our audiences see athletics and academics as distinct but important aspects of the university’s public image. For this reason, a refreshed institutional mark is necessary.

What about the existing ‘block’ TU logo?

The popularity of the recently introduced informal (TU) brandmark was a key consideration in the design of the new university brand mark. With a new graphic TU serving as the core of the new mark, the previous TU mark is no longer needed, and is being discontinued along with the “flag” brand mark.

When will my department be expected to start using the new brand mark?

Internal divisions and departments will receive access to the new mark and visual identity in January 2019. Units will receive guidance around specific timelines and deadlines throughout 2019. The expectation is that the transition will be a process with time to account for all necessary changes. All materials should be changed over no later than January 1, 2020.

What kind of communications should I expect to receive about the new brand?

The university’s marketing and communications division will provide regular updates via the TU Today daily email to inform the campus community of important brand information.  In addition, workshops and internal brand sessions are provided monthly through early summer of 2019.

Who internally was consulted and provided feedback on the new brand?

In fall 2016, the University Marketing and Communications team began leading Towson University through an identity or brand audit process to achieve greater clarity and effectively incorporate the identity audit findings into a comprehensive, integrated marketing campaign. More than 2,000 stories about TU — from students, faculty, staff, alumni and others — from multiple media markets across the nation, were heard during the process.

I have the old logo on a T-shirt. When can I get a new one?

T-shirt swaps and other events are in the works to get our new brand out to the campus community.

When will new logo gear arrive in the University Store?

Some items will be available at the UStore in January. Our vendors have been given the brand mark and their apparel will begin to appear in 2019.

Who do I go to if I have a question that’s not answered here about the new brand?

You can Ask an Expert to get answers to any other brand questions you may have.

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