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Brand Transition

It’s Time.

Our story is evolving.

It’s time our visual identity reflects Towson University’s extraordinary momentum. These changes affect the current institutional logo and identity. As part of the transition, all university branded materials will need to be updated by January 1, 2020.

In addition to a contemporary new brand mark, you’ll start seeing refinement and updates to the university’s voice, along with new strong and concise messages. Here you’ll find tips and tricks to implement our new look and feel over the next calendar year.

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Steps to Success

As we begin changing over to the new brand mark, use these guidelines as a reference to navigating the transition over the next year.

1. Complete an inventory.

Make a comprehensive list of all items that will need to be updated.  Think about things like digital assets, print collateral, promotional materials and signage.

2. Decide what items should be replaced or eliminated.

Consider whether to update every instance of the university brand. Think strategically about what items can be phased out versus replaced to help save on costs. Not everything needs to be updated; some materials may be easier to just phase out.

3. Create your plan.

You’ve got a full calendar year available to make changes. Work within your schedule. Don’t feel the need to change everything right away. Instead, document your own deadlines and pace your progress.

Items to Consider

TU has quite a bit of branded material. Your department may use anything from business cards to signs and t-shirts and e-mail signatures. Here are just some of the things you should prepare to update:

  • Digital Assets: Email signatures, online applications, PDFs, mobile apps, photos of people wearing the TU logo or featuring branded signage, electronic documents.
  • Print Materials: Brochures, fliers, posters, business cards, stationary, pamphlets, and printed forms.
  • Signage: Retractable banners, staked signs, flags, plaques, window clings, vinyl signs, and other banners.
  • Promotional Items: Tablecloths, tents, backdrops, apparel, floor mats, and giveaways.

Checklist and Timeline

Although there are many things to update, it doesn’t all need to happen at once. A checklist and recommended timeline has been prepared to help guide everyone in the process of changing to the new brand mark over the next year.

Some changes will be quick, and some will take more time to implement. Take the time you need and work within your schedule to complete all of your changes – you have until January 1, 2020, to make your updates.

Brand Workshops

Become a brand expert in your own right thanks to hands-on help with messaging, writing, brand mark usage and new design tools available to make your branded materials bolder than ever. Each two-hour brand workshop is also your opportunity to connect with a brand specialist to address any and all of your brand questions. Workshops are held in room 424 of the university’s Administration Building located at 7720 York Road.

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